Ishkee's Art & Design Center
Arlington Heights, Il

Art comes from within and is expressed without!
Find your Art & express yourself!!  

  Wearable Art

  At Ishkabibble Art & Design we create IshkaBAUBLES and MuckelDUDDS!!

  Let me present.......

                                                                           My  IshkaBAUBLES
Ishkabaubles are organic wearable one of a kind art pieces.  

Made with vintage, nature made semi precious, glass, wood, shell, metal beads, fetishes, bone -- 

if it comes from Mother Earth,  &  can be strung together  -- 
it can become a piece of wearable art! 

                                       My MuckelDUDDS

Muckeldudds are organic wearable one of a kind art pieces, but unlike Ishkabaubles, they are fabric art.  

These wearable art pieces are constructed in a free form, meant to be comfortable fashion for an easy day fit.
Picture Jasper & Coral dominate this necklace
African story Mud cloth big tee
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Inherit the bauble .... cherished adornments created to be as individual as you!

Earth's bounty .... apparel designed and created with nature's guidance!
  Arlington Heights,  IL       ishkeesart@gmail.com