Ishkee's Art & Design Center
Arlington Heights, Il

Art speaks to the heart --
The heart of the soul, & the heart of the home!

  My Fine Art

I have had a passion for art, drawing, sketching, designing, doodling as long as I can remember.  I may be considered a 'folk' artist since my primary training came from my high school teacher. Thru her I learned to trust my talent, to keep going, and to believe I could. 

And most importantly, I learned that I Must Create!!  My life is at its best when I am following my creative nature.
  These three paintings are oil on burlap, heavily gesso'ed, applied with palette knife.

Self Protrait @ 25,charcoal on paper
Emergence, women's story
Reclining Nude
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        the expression of our inner being ... 
  it enhances our spirit as well as our homes !!
     Arlington Heights  IL          ishkeesart@gmail.com