Ishkee's Art & Design Center
Arlington Heights, Il

Your Home is your Sanctuary
Let me guide you to the beauty and heart you want 
foyour environment!

Interior Design Services

When it comes to today's needs and concerns,
it seems not only is home where the heart is,
but it is also where we feel the most secure.

After a busy day away from home,
all we usually want to do is get home,
get comfortable, and enjoy
our personal environment.

Whether your home is new,
or very lived in...
it may be time to

r e f r e s h. . . . . .

Whether your taste is Eclectic !!!

Or ....
  Classic Traditional
Somewhere in between !!!
Let me assist you in achieving the look 
& feel that speaks your lifestyle and taste.
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Home is our safe place,
 the place we come to to be ourselves  -- 

make your home a reflection of you & your lifestyle

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