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About Ishkee & Me!   

Sheila M. Cohen, Creative Designer & Artist... 

I have been an artist from the time I picked up my first pencil and copied my first picture from my favorite heroine of the KIKI children's books.  I have been a designer almost as long.

I started my creative career as a fine artist working with oils, pastels, and charcoal.  My interests later expanded to include interior design, fashion design, wearable art, and ..... computer sciences.

My first official career was in Information Technology -- an artist needs to make a living to support her habit! (art supplies don't come cheap!)  But my need to be in a more aesthetically creative line of work, was the deciding factor in my leaving my successful career in IT.  

 I formed a professional women’s networking group for the benefit of women building business’.  This kept me active, created a network of like minded woman, and helped me to get my (as well as other womens) career on track.

 I have worked in retail as an employed and/or independent designer of interiors. I specialize in window treatments and in Refreshing your Space.  

As a designer, I sincerely believe that our home is our sanctuary and that my task is to assist my clients in bringing beauty and heart into their environment!

As an artist, I believe art can be all expansive.  I just crave creating, whether it is a computer system, a great painting, or a beautiful necklace.  

When it comes to art and the creative process I have learned to just go where the gift takes me. And it has taken (and brought) me to some great places!

Ishkabibble,  The cat that started my business!!

When it comes to pets, I've had a few,  But, Ishkabibble was one of my first and it was love at first sight (for me -- not sure if it was for my new little kitty!).  

He was a spirited kitty and was constantly stealing my heart away.  He stayed with me fifteen years. 

Within that time I learned where the name came from and what the name means.  So, when he went the way of all creatures and I started my new business,  what better name could I choose than that of the kitty I cared for whose name means 'great love'. 
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