Ishkee's Art & Design Center
Arlington Heights, Il

Your Home is your Sanctuary
Let me guide you to the beauty and heart you want 
for your environment!

Ishkabibble Design Studio

 home of designer Sheila M. Cohen...  

Invites you to review your home environment and if it is not yet a reflection of you, 

your family's way of life,  

or if it does not yet satisfy your functional as well as aesthetic needs, 

Lets make it happen!!

  Ishkee's Art & Design 
A creative environment  devoted to
''the  art  of  creativity'

    At the studio we concentrate on the design of interiors, the  creation of fine art pieces, beaded jewelry, and custom wearable  art.

My Fine Art

  My work in Oils is sized on either linen or burlap.  My method has evolved to the use of palette knife and palms.

  My subject matter is primarily the human form in all its expressiveness.

   This particular piece is oil on linen, painted using palette knife, layered and scraped.


Ishkabaubles are constructed using only natural elements, semi-precious stones, wood, shell, metals. All pieces are unique, produced only once.

This piece is a combination of picture jasper, natural coral (not dyed), glazed ceramic beads, and miscellaneous supporting stones/beads.
My Interior Design Services
  When it comes to interiors, and the comfort we deserve in our special environments, I believe in the importance of listening to the home owners and achieving the look and feel that is uniquely theirs. 

  Whether your goal is the functionality of the room, or the aesthetics, I work to achieve your vision. 
My  2 cent Bags!
My wearables are very organic both in look, and the materials I use. Natural fibre fabrics created according to the feel and design of the fabric, trims and enhancements.  

This 2 cent bag is made from African Mud cloth, lined and accessorized in cotton. 
Ishkee !!
Ishkee has a definition of 'Great Love'..... 
what better name to represent the work that I love to do, and the kittie that is it's namesake!!
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Home is where the heart is ...
Let me guide you in making your home  
a reflection of you!!

Arlington Heights, IL          ishkee.thumbs@gmail.com